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Mac Clemmens, Founder of Digital Deployment

Digital Deployment: Partners for Innovation & Technology

“Sacramento is for people who want to be part of an inflection point,” said Mac Clemmens, Founder & CEO of Digital Deployment, an innovative web development company based in Sacramento. At the Federalist Public House on a newly activated alleyway in midtown, Mac, along with his VP, Chief Strategist, Sloane Dell’Orto, spoke in rapid fire terms. Phrases like “collision point” and “cross pollinate” peppered their description of the vision they share not only for Digital Deployment but for the rebirth of the Sacramento region. “People want to create something new,” Mac explained. “Sacramento is a great place to do it. Everything is happening now.”

Mac chose to launch his company in the Capital Region where he began building websites for heavy hitters like UC Davis, California Hospital Association, California Teachers Retirement System (CalSTRS) and United Way, among almost 200 others. He recognized Sacramento had the talent and appetite for innovation and was a place young entrepreneurs could make a significant impact.

When he tasked Sloane with building a vertically-focused product as a second line of business, they decided to focus on a critical need in the marketplace that had been completely ignored: local government agencies’ challenges with websites and online transparency. Special districts and municipalities were in desperate need of a web solution that was compliant with regulations including Section 508, The Brown Act and the Public Records Act. From this need Digital Deployment’s brainchild product, Streamline, was born. More than a business opportunity, Streamline was a way to help customers overwhelmed by regulation meet strict requirements. Mac and Sloane rolled-up their sleeves to fill a critical need and solve a problem.

Sloane explained, “What our customers want more than anything is that we understand them. A lot of people don’t even know special districts exist. They assume they get everything from the County or City. Special Districts are unsung heroes because nobody thinks about them.” These unsung heroes needed help in communicating important messaging to customers who didn’t fully grasp the concept of special districts’ or municipalities’ roles in providing services like water and sewer. Mac added, “We want to serve the public interest and Streamline is in harmony with our larger mission of empowering others.”

And empower they do, from customers to employees to causes.

A quick visit to the company website illuminates numerous awards and accolades. Recently, the Sacramento Business Journal listed Digital Deployment as the “Best Place To Work 2016” for companies with under 25 employees. This is due, in part, to Mac’s forward thinking and proactive approach to communications both inside and outside of Sacramento – including the time he spoke at the White House in Washington, D.C., on the important issue of net neutrality. Mac said, “This was one of the highlights of my life.” When asked what’s next, Mac said his focus is on being a major contributor to policy on the national level. He and his team intend to take Streamline to the thousands of local government agencies, municipalities and special districts throughout the United States who are also in need of a web solution compliant with regulations.

When asked what it takes for a company such as his to be successful, Mac said, “Something I think is an enormous accomplishment, and it’s related to business, is having been patient and steadfast. Sloane and I have been with Digital Deployment for over seven years. We have to do things to be adaptive and flexible and see new opportunities.”

Seeing opportunity in Mac and his team is where the Five Star Bank partnership started.

At first, we shared Mac’s optimism and vision for his company. Today, we share a vision for Sacramento’s future. It’s why we partnered with Digital Deployment when they were just starting out – we could see Mac and Sloane were hard working innovators who were purposeful, passionate and capable. We created a formula that worked for them by filling a critical funding need. As a pioneering equity builder in the Capital Region, Five Star Bank creates opportunity for customers like Digital Deployment who are plugging-in one happy (and relieved) customer at a time.

Mac Clemmens

We needed money to get going back in the day and heard ‘you don't really qualify because you aren't conventional and don't fit our formula.' That's when we found James [Five Star Bank's President & CEO.] He saw what was possible.

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