Positive Pay


Limit exposure to fraudulent checks and ACH items.


Take control over which checks and ACH items post to your accounts.

  • Payee Positive Pay
  • Reduce the potential to incur costly losses with an additional layer of check fraud review via Payee name   
  • ACH Positive Pay
  • Manage ACH debits and credits posting to your business account via filters and blocks
  • Protect ACH transaction activity before
    it posts to your account
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Man wearing a scarf standing in front of Champagne Salon sign.
“FIVE STAR BANK exemplifies what it means to be a true community partner. They have allowed my dream to become a reality.”
Raymond James Irwin
Founder & Chief
Champagne Officer
Fizz Champagne Bar
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“Our family of companies proudly banks with FIVE STAR. Together, we are a winning combination for entrepreneurship.”
Mark Haney
The Haney Biz Project
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“Everyone thought I was crazy to plant my own orchard. FIVE STAR BANK understands the Ag-Tech space and helped make it possible.”
Arun Ohri
Jubilant Earth Nurseries