Five Star Bank Billboards

Nasdaq Billboard Picture with Five Star Bank logo.

Five Star Bank's billboards celebrate our team, customers and community.

Thank you Firefighters and First Responders billboard
Billboard featuring Tom and Dan Chan, Owners of General Produce
Billboard featuring Tiffani Fink, CEO of Paratransit, Inc.
Billboard Preet Kuar, CEO of Pacific Staffing
Billboard congratulating Jen Matulich and Lydia Ramirez for being named 40 Under 40 honorees
Billboard featuring Kevin Smith-Fagan, Executive Director of Fairytale Town.
Billboard featuring James Beckwith and Pat Fong Kushida
Billboard featuring Julie Hirota, CEO, Saint John's Program for Real Change
Billboard featuring James Beckwith, Kevin Nagle and Trish Rodriguez
Billboard featuring Giuliano Kornberg, Executive Director, Sacramento Philharmonic & Opera

At Five Star Bank, we feature our clients on billboards, cable news ads, magazine covers, and more.
Shelley Wetton, Senior Vice President, Chief Marketing Officer 
Shelley Wetton

"Our clients are the heroes of our story. Not only do we promote our clients' businesses in marketing campaigns, but we create specialized events that create opportunities for clients to connect with each other in a meaningful way. We have created a robust ecosystem where our customers meet each other, share business advice and use each other's businesses. This is a key differentiator for Five Star Bank - it truly sets us apart. More importantly, it helps our clients be successful."