Liquidity Management

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Maximize your returns and put excess funds to work.

Access multi-million dollar FDIC protection on large deposits, earn a return and enjoy flexibility. How does ICS Work? ICS deposits are send to demand deposit accounts or money market deposit accounts at other ICS Network banks, yet you only work with Five Star Bank and maintain access to your funds.

Not all banks offer ICS – Five Star Bank does. When depositing funds at Five Star Bank in a single ownership capacity, you can access up to $250,000 in Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) insurance at the bank. However, ICS allows you to receive FDIC insurance for millions of dollars while stilling being able to work with just one bank. Benefits are many, including safety, funds access, time saved, interest earned and peace of mind.
Stop manually moving money while having liquidity, maximizing earnings and minimizing interest expense. Using excess funds, you can automatically pay-down loan balances and reduce monthly interest. If your account balance falls below your target level, we automatically transfer funds from your line of credit back into your account.

  • Maximize earnings
  • Pay-off debt
  • Create operational efficiency
The least volatile investment options, money markets and CD’s offer stability, liquidity, security and potential tax advantages while earning you interest. These products are designed for those who want to earn higher interest rates while maintaining liquidity and preserving access to funds. Enjoy safe, reliable and flexible ways to save for your future.
Keep your money working for your business with Zero Balance Accounts designed to eliminate manual transfers of funds between accounts. This is the ideal solution if your business maintains multiple accounts. You can concentrate your account balances into one operating account and disburse funds using your subsidiary accounts – which always maintains a zero balance, automatically. Simplify funds transfer activity, reduce idle cash and prevents overdrafts.

  • Eliminate manual transfers and the need to track individual disbursements
  • Eliminate overdraft risk
  • Reduce idle balances and maximize investment potential
  • Save administrative time and operating expenses