Online & Mobile Business Banking

Online Banking
Safely and securely transfer funds between accounts, place stop payments, and review account history in your choice of formats. Our technology ensures complete privacy and security, requires no special software, and will download to many popular accounting programs like Quickbooks® and Quicken®. Determine your cash position with just a few clicks!
Mobile Deposit
Mobile Deposit is a quick and simple way to make a deposit to your Five Star Bank account from your mobile device.
Bill pay saves time and money and gives you peace of mind. Securely pay bills online – in just a few clicks, you’re done.
E-Statements are safe, secure and convenient when managing your account information.
Online security includes premium reporting and customizable security options that provide insight into all aspects of your Cash Management services. Online security also provides information and links on various fraud schemes and scams with recommendations to combat them.
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Man wearing a scarf standing in front of Champagne Salon sign.
“FIVE STAR BANK exemplifies what it means to be a true community partner. They have allowed my dream to become a reality.”
Raymond James Irwin
Founder & Chief
Champagne Officer
Fizz Champagne Bar
Man wearing earphones sitting in front of a microphone.
“Our family of companies proudly banks with FIVE STAR. Together, we are a winning combination for entrepreneurship.”
Mark Haney
The Haney Biz Project
Two men walking through a field.
“Everyone thought I was crazy to plant my own orchard. FIVE STAR BANK understands the Ag-Tech space and helped make it possible.”
Arun Ohri
Jubilant Earth Nurseries
Two men in suits walking down a hallway.
“FIVE STAR BANK was pivotal in making the building and financing happen. We’re excited about continuing this relationship.”

Brandon Weber
Founder, The Urban Hive

Man wearing a Woody's Brewing Company shirt.
“FIVE STAR BANK’s excellent customer service, prompt competitive products and services, and friendly environment have created a life-long customer!”

Andrew Wlodarczyk
Operations Manager,
Woody’s Brewing Company

Two women standing in a hair salon.
“FIVE STAR BANK has been absolutely amazing. We would not be here without them.”

Kathy Fennessy & Mary
Owners, Hoshall’s
Salon & Spa