Positive Pay

Rick Wood, Finance & Administration Director, CSDA

Detect & Prevent Fraud Loss and the Latest Cybersecurity Threats

Positive Pay eliminates the risk of losing money due to fraudulent activities on your account. Positive Pay, a widely-known cash management service, is an automated fraud detection tool designed to detect and stop unauthorized payments. Positive Pay automatically matches outgoing checks against an authorized list to identify dependencies and ensure only authorized checks are paid. In the event of an unauthorized item, a digital image will be sent to you for approval or investigation.

  • Consistent Account Monitoring
  • Less Administrative Costs and Errors
  • Access Through Online Banking
  • Receive Daily Notifications to Review Unexpected Transactions
  • Review and Indicate Whether Charges Should Be Paid or Returned

Five Star Bank's Positive Pay solutions keep our clients safe from fraud!
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Nick Faraone, VP, Treasury Solutions Advisor
Nick Faraone
VP, Treasury Solutions Advisor